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Sinking Spring Magicians – Astonishing, Funny, Memorable!
Certified magician Eddy Ray performs at over 200 plus events each year and repeat customers often ask if he will do some of the same tricks because the audience just loved the show! Eddy’s response and solution to this is to incorporate his signature magical effects with some new “material” to add a fresh appeal to the show while keeping the popular highlights in.
Both children and adults come up to Eddy almost after every show and comment 0n how much they were amazed and entertained by his paper tearing magic routine. This is a routine where an audience member assists him in tearing up some tissue paper with the idea of restoring it back to one piece by magic. After some comedy byplay this long 50 foot streamer of paper slowly gets pulled out of his mouth in an impossible way!
Jaws will drop and the audience will gasp… and laugh with a roaring applause. This is just one signature magical trick Eddy performs often in his shows. Aside from this,  he is also known for his metal bending routine where silverware appears to bend and melt with just the slightest touch.
As mentioned, he does keep some of his signature tricks in the show but also changes other parts to keep the fresh appeal to an audience who may have seen him before. This keeps the magical experience interesting and exciting because you never know what to expect! Twists and turns in a magic show will keep your guests on the edge of their seats!
Eddy takes pride on offering a unique magic show filled with comedy, sleight of hand, mind magic, and lots of interactive participation. This isn’t  a “purchased” off the shelf magic show, he has honed his show and craft for years including thousands of performances. Get a hold of Eddy Ray and see how he can help make your event one to remember! Get the best magic show in Sinking Spring Pennsylvania!
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