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Want to get a preview of what this magician can do for your event? Check out his full youtube channel featuring over 100 videos of magic shows, performances, tricks, interviews, and more! Click here to visit his youtube channel: Eddy Ray’s YouTube .
What better way to get a “sneak” peek and see how much fun, excitement, and amazement he can bring to your next family party or event. Why is watching a preview of some magic shows on youtube so important? Most magicians in Mechanicsburg don’t even have a single video clip of their magic show online for clients to see.
Do you want to hire someone without having any idea of what they do? You have to ask yourself if you’re willing to hire a magician not knowing how they dress, if their show is entertaining etc. Unfortunately many magicians don’t post videos of their work because they either don’t perform enough, or they are not confident in the magic entertainment they perform.
As stated earlier, Eddy’s YouTube channel features a wide variety of videos. You’ll find some demo’s from his instructional magic DVD’s showing that Eddy is very qualified in the magic profession. You will also find video clips from his popular family magic shows when he uses volunteers from the audience to help make the magic work. There are even a few videos from his eHOW Magic 101 video series where you can learn a quick trick to amaze your friends, family, or coworkers!!!
So, when you’re ready to hire a magician in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania, make sure you can at least see a video of a performance or show. Eddy uploads videos on a regular basis, make sure to browse through his entire channel as you will also see some brief video/audio testimonials from satisfied clients! In fact, click this link to be taken directly to a select few of the featured videos, http://certifiedmagicprofessionals.com/testimonials/



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