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Here is a top list of things to be aware of when hiring a magician for your event. Bare in mind, there are probably more things we could write about, but these are the top.
A) Magician Agencies: There are quite a few directory and agencies who offer magicians for hire. Gigmasters, GigSalad, Thumbtack, Philip and Henry just to name a few. These options may look good and appear to streamline your process of finding a qualified magician but there are a few things to consider.
Most agencies like this inflate prices with additional fees. Since you are dealing with another person (middleman) this is one of the reasons the cost is higher. You have to communicate with another person to get to the end result, hiring a magician. It’s really much easier to search and communicate with a magician directly then dealing with this sort of process. It can often be slow, and costly. If time is a priority, this can certainly derail any sort of planning.
Also, these sites are sometimes littered with amateurs and performers who simply quote the cheapest price to try and get the booking. Do you really want to hire someone who is just undercutting to try and get a gig, desperation doesn’t sound like a good qualification. One more issue with agency sites is that sometimes you’ll book a magician and then the agency will call around to find a magician who is available. So in other words, you don’t quite know who will be performing the show and are basically going in hiring blind!
Certified magic professionals isn’t an agency as you deal directly with it’s owner, full time pro Magician Eddy Ray. He’s a family magician providing amazing magic shows for kids and adults. He is the busiest magician in the Lansdale area performing well over 250 events a year and he would love to bring his highly popular magic to you!
By working closely with Eddy, he can give you the best options concerning which magic show package will be the best for your event. These are not generic shows, as each show is catered to your event to entertain the proper audience, age, and venue. Hardly anyone else does this and what you end up with is something bland, boring, and generic. Certainly not a way to impress your guests!!
B) Affordable solutions. While others may be more expensive, or inexpensive, Eddy feels he provides the best high quality magic entertainment that will make your event memorable. He’ll make you and your event shine and leave your guests talking about how much fun they had.
With such incredible magic shows, and a proven record of past clients with testimonials, Eddy’s schedule tends to be very VERY busy. If you are just looking now or need to book a magician for tomorrow, contact us at Certified Magic Professionals and we will do our best to help you make your event memorable, guaranteed!
Remember: agencies can be a slow process, have additional fees, difficult to decipher who is a pro vs amateur, and sometimes the agency can’t guarantee who you hire! Stay out of trouble and go a stress free route by contacting us today.



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