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Hilarious Comedy Magic Shows By #1 Magician in Langhorne, PA
 Why Is Comedy Important In A Magic Show?
Magic is an entertainment art. It’s meant to capture imaginations by making the impossible seem possible. Just like a movie, magic should have it’s peaks and valley’s and twists and turns.  Serious parts and funny parts. This gives an audience the best possible entertainment around.
Our certified magician, Eddy Ray incorporates many things into his magic show. From storytelling magic routines, to bone tickling hilarious comedy bits, his show can entertain all ages.
He uses many sight gags and props during his show to help embellish the comedy magic. The most important part though is participation from the audience. Eddy has volunteers assist directly during certain parts of the show which can make for some very funny and memorable moments. These volunteers are treated with respect and truly become an interconnected part of the show. Often the volunteers get a rousing round of applause at the conclusion of the magic trick or routine as others in the audience can appreciate the effort put forth into helping make the show entertaining.
Our magician in Langhorne, PA uses only clean comedy as there is no blue humor. This means his magic shows and entertainment are appropriate for all ages… kids to adult. Not many other entertainers can make both kids and adults laugh the way Eddy does. The timing for his comedy gags, one liners, and jokes are carefully crafted into each show and really add that extra special feel to any event, small or large. 
If you’re ready to hear the laughter and see the amazement on the faces of your guests, contact our certified magician now. Full details and pricing is available within minutes and there is no obligation. Book early to avoid disappointment! You deserve a good laugh and some amazing magic!
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