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Performance Photos and Video – Sneak Preview Of The Area’s #1 Family Magician
Magic shows by certified magician Eddy Ray can help make your upcoming event unique and memorable! When you are searching for a magician, even in this day and age it can be difficult to find any sort of pictures or video clips of a performance. Eddy understands this frustration and that’s why he does the total opposite of many others in the area.
He has a youtube channel chocked full of magical videos! Over 100… but who is counting. The videos also range from television interviews, kids party magic performances, theater magic show clips, demo magic videos, and more. His clients often come to him saying how they watched him for hours on youtube…. including many of their children too! Eddy’s brand of magic is visual and fun and you can clearly see his personality shine among the selection of videos on his youtube channel.
Make sure to take a free minute and head over to his youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/edjunior . This is the best way to get an idea of what Eddy offers.  Keep in mind that these are just some of the magic Eddy performs, he has a wide array of tricks “up his sleeve” and varies his performances according to the event and audience.
Also, head on over to the photo gallery and get a glimpse at some promo magic photos and performance photos. Here is the link http://certifiedmagicprofessionals.com/photo-gallery/ .
Our best advice to you is to simply stay away from entertainers that don’t offer a peak at their show via videos or even photos. This is very unacceptable in this age of the internet and smart phones. Stick with the best, our certified magic professional. Interested in more info or hiring this magician in East Stroudsburg? Contact Today!
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