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 How To Learn Magic
Many people ask our certified magician Eddy Ray how he learned to perform magic. A lot of children dabble in magic at some point, usually between 5 and 10 years old. Eddy did just that. At the age of 5 he received his first few beginner magic tricks from a family member as a Christmas present.
Being so young, Eddy didn’t quite know what to do but a visit to the local magic shop helped. After learning about the tricks, he practiced and practiced as much as he could. Finally, after a few weeks he was able to amaze family members with some of the tricks he learned.
Everyone has the ability to learn magic, you just have to take the time and dedicate yourself to wanting to learn, practice, and appreciate the art. Some people think it’s just as easy as pushing a button, or flicking on a switch but honestly even some of the easiest tricks in magic require more than that. 
To make a trick entertaining and look magical takes showmanship, storytelling, and other artistry to enhance it. Since Eddy started magic so young, he’s had a considerable amount of time to develop these skills. Still, anyone can learn some magic and become good enough to start entertaining friends or family.
Eddy took his childhood passion and turned it into a full time professional career. He also teaches magic now to both kids and adults as well as performing at over 250 events a year. He offers magic books which he authored, and instructional DVD’s teaching magic. These resources can help kick start anyone’s genuine interest in learning the art of magic. 
If you’re searching for a magician to entertain or teach, our certified magician in Camp Hill, PA Eddy Ray is the most in demand magician in town.
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