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Why do many of our clients book us year after year? Simple, we offer magic shows of the highest caliber for families while keeping it affordable for just about everyone!
Year after year, our top magician entertains at schools, community fairs, parties and more. He’s not only popular among the clients who hire him but among the audience he performs for. Eddy Ray, the top magician in Tamaqua, PA offers the coolest comedy magic shows for private and public events.
Since he gets booked at times year after year for the same events, people often wonder if this is a good idea… will the audience get bored seeing the same act? Absolutely not! Eddy does a few things to make sure his act contains fresh and new material so that the previous years crowd (if returning again) will see something different! He also makes a point to keep some of his signature routines in the show as many people love seeing these particular pieces of magic more then once!
Not all performers are capable of changing their show around or as often as Eddy is able too. It takes considerable experience and knowledge to add in new material and structuring the show correctly to keep it polished and professional for an audience. His repertoire is vast so he can mix and match to create a unique magical show and experience for you.
Eddy’s shows and magic entertainment is so popular that he does book up sometimes well in advance of the event dates. Friday, Saturday, Sundays are always the first to book up but don’t count on weekdays. He performs at many libraries throughout the area, for child care centers, schools, and other organizations and often these events happen during the week. Make sure to follow up with Eddy through our website here to check on his availability for your event.
Remember, he makes it a priority to keep his magical shows family friendly and can arrange shows specifically for kids or adults… or both! His career of over 15 years, performing for tens of thousands of people allow him the talent to keep everyone highly entertained!


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