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We provide unique magical entertainment for parties and events! Stay away from having the same old boring, over done, bounce house, DJ and creepy clown! Our certified pro magicians create amazing entertainment like no others in the area!
Imagine all of your guests gasping in astonishment during your event. Imagine the kids laughing and smiling at your event. Imagine the adults engaged in conversation over the incredible magic entertainment! All of this and more happens during the entertainment our awesome magicians can provide.
Clowns can be fun.. but mostly for kids and to be honest, I personally find at least some clowns rather creepy. Our magicians dress professional and appeal to all ages. They don’t look or perform cheesy but rather have a cool and modern style that appeals to audiences this day and age.
A bounce house is good but you do need someone to monitor the kids… and the bounce house is just for kids. Eventually they will get bored during the event and I’ve seen many get sick… from eating and then playing on the bounce house to soon.. stay away.. it’s more trouble then it is worth!
A DJ sounds fun, and music for any party is recommended. A DJ however needs a rather large setup and often caters to only certain ages. Usually the music is either to loud, or the wrong genre. You can easily add music yourself using a bluetooth speaker system and your smartphone. Raise to any volume you want and change up the songs how YOU feel!
Magic is truly a great way to go for entertainment. Our magicians specialize in entertaining both kids and adults and we offer a wide range of shows from mingle close-up illusions to mind reading and comedy shows. Our magicians can setup indoors and also outdoors giving you flexibility! Give us the opportunity to bring a memorable and magical experience to your next event, contact us right now!
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