Kids Will Be Laughing Off Their Rocker!

 We Make Kids Laugh Off Their Rocker.. and Adults too. Paoli Pennsylvania 19301 – Master Magicians!

The one, feel good feeling is hearing and watching a child laugh and giggle. That is really magical! Our certified magician and family performer knows exactly what it takes to make kids laugh of their rockers! In fact, this often results in spontaneous outbursts among the adults as well!
You really know everyone at the party is having a good time when kids and adults are smiling and laughing. Since we specialize in families, we know what kind of amazing performance it takes to reach that level of entertainment!
Through our interactive show, kids and sometimes adults can assist the magician which often creates something to happen no one expected! Always in a good way! Imagine your child making the magic happen by having something appear in their hands or helping create magic that everyone can see but the magician cannot. This results in lots of laughing, smiles, pointing, and pure interaction which makes the audience the real star of the performance!
In addition to the great magical tricks, which are selected for each performance tending to the ages of the audience, we infuse a few select performances of magic to music creating a high energy atmosphere while the magic happens and the music thumps and beats in the background.
Along side this, there are softer points in the show with great story-telling which the kids love and the adults get a kick out of some of the dry humor! Everything is clean so there is nothing to worry about, but the script is written so that the kids will get some jokes and so will the adults making it a highly enjoyable and magical fun time for all. Ready to book our certified magician in Paoli Pennsylvania?
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