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You’ve landed on the official site for the #1 Magician around! – Eddy Ray

What more could this amazing magician in Palmyra, PA 17078 do?

Get ready to have your socks knocked off with Eddy Ray’s highly entertaining and energetic Amazing Magic Show! Don’t worry, we won’t harm your socks, but really… Eddy’s show is always a big hit no matter if it’s a small party in your home or a large community festival.
Eddy always manages to enchant parents/adults even when he is hired to perform a a child’s party. If you’ve ever seen and heard a couple of dozen kids laughing and giggling… multiply that by two. You see, no matter what sort of event he is performing at Eddy’s magic always transcends ages. What does this mean?
Simply stated, his magic always bring out the most in every person, every guest, every audience member allowing for the most memorable experience possible. He can work off the cuff and change his show on the fly to be able to adapt to the environment, venue, and ages of the audience. Would you really want to hire a magician in Palmyra who lacks this sort of ability?
Remember, Eddy has a boat load of experience from performing in clubs, to summer camps. His show is constantly evolving as he updates music for the performance, works on new tricks and routines etc. You will never know what sort of tricks he has up his sleeves… literally!
For further info on having Eddy Ray come to your event/party and perform his magic in Palmyra Pennsylvania or somewhere else, call 1-877-297-7252
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