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 Making Parties A Blast Since 1998 in Malvern Pennsylvania 19355

Our certified professional magician has been serving the area since 1998 performing at community day events, local private parties, cub scout blue and gold banquets plus much more.
Having performed thousands of shows over that time period for tens of thousands of people, he really understands what’s necessary to help make your event shine. Are you planning a birthday party for your child and wondering what to do to keep them entertained for a period of time rather then drive you crazy! We’ve got a great birthday magic show package that will keep the kids laughing and entertained without running around, stomping on your floors and pounding on your walls. The only noise will be from the kids laughing and cheering during the amazing magic show!
Seasons come and go and so do all sorts of other parties including block parties, cook outs, community festivals and holiday parties! From Halloween magical shows to Christmas, our professional magician has fantastic magic entertainment show options that you can choose to spice up your event.
Since we pack a ton of experience from all of our show “mileage” over the years, we’ve learned how to entertain both kids and adults! All of the programs offered are friendly towards all ages but the magic, patter, and type of performance may change depending upon your event.
For younger children we make sure to have very colorful props and silly antics, for older kids we tend to get more cool with visual magic and fun comedy. Adults will get a kick out of watching the kids have a blast! We also offer skillful sleight of hand artistry, mind reading, along with our stand-up and strolling magic options which are great for adult programs! So, we really do have something for everyone but remember, EVERYTHING is family friendly!
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