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Easton performer Eddy Ray is a full time family performer represent considerable authority in enchantment shows for children and grown-ups. This mystical performer in Easton performs numerous stunning enchantment traps. The following are a portion of the well known traps this mystical performer in Easton performs.
Mr. Ray performs some stunning traps, here are a couple of examples.
a) eddy Ray makes playing cards show up and vanish readily available. This is immaculate sleight of hand enchantment that just a skilled and expert mystical performer in Easton, PA can perform.
b) this entertainer likewise performs an unfathomable 50 foot rope escape! Two lucky volunteers have the opportunity to win cash as Eddy tries to escape from rope after they’ve attached him head to toe!
c) eddy Ray likewise performs a famous excellent of enchantment which he has brought into the cutting edge period. The trap is known as the riddle of the rings. This entertainer performs this astounding enchantment trap where robust rings dissolve through one another joining together! It’s something visually stunning!
These are simply a couple of the traps that this mystical performer is known for. Eddy will have your crowd gapsing in shock and moving with chuckling all around his enchantment shows! For more data on this #1 Magician in easton and mystical performer call Eddy now at 1-877-297-7252. He will send you free data and a value pricing for his show. Time sensitive, don’t wait!
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