Highly Energetic Magical Shows For Young and Old!

 #1 Certified Magicians in Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania 19087

There are a few keys to our amazing magical entertainment that sets us apart from the others. Read further to see why our magicians are at the top of their game and the most requested in Chesterbrook, PA and the general Pennsylvania region.
The first main feature we bring to every show is ENERGY. This may sound odd but it’s vital to capturing attention and giving your event that extra boost of social activity that will keep people talking! Our magician brings an outgoing personality, great clean humor, and an out going personality while performing an incredible show for you and your guests. It’s a high-energy, action packed, presentation that will have everyone on their toes! Would you rather have someone who is quiet, monotone, and well… boring?
Family magic that really is geared to all ages. Our shows, each tailored to the specific event are carefully structured so that all ages can become involved during the magic and truly take a memorable experience away! Some performers may seem to just concentrate on the kids, which is fine but it is not necessarily the best way to go when you have adults who need some entertainment too. Our magicians have the experience to engage adults even during a kids party.. so everyone can join in the fun! Trust us, if the kids also see the adults having fun.. they will enjoy themselves even more. Plus, a bunch of adults talking during a show while kids are trying to watch can be distracting to the kids!
Experience, knowledge, and hundreds upon hundreds of shows under the belt of our magician, Eddy knows what works and what doesn’t. Your event will not be a testing ground for new material, he makes sure that you get first class… world class service of magical entertainment!
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