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Thanks for stopping by and finding our website on the world wide web! We’ve got the busiest and most requested magician in the area who is available to bring his award winning magic directly to you!
Many people think that a magician would require a large amount of space to perform so they may consider doing something else. The truth is, some performers do require a large amount of space but for our shows, we can arrange our show in a way that can be setup just about anywhere. So space is not really an issue for us.
From performing in small apartments to crowded classrooms and living rooms, our top magician really has done it all. So, no need to stress over the amount of space you may have for a performance, we’ll make it work.
Since we are able to offer different types of magic entertainment this allows us to also entertain everyone at once, or over a period of time. We have set performances where your guests will all watch the show together and we also offer strolling or roving magic entertainment. This is where our magician performs close-up sleight of hand/magic for a few people at a time.
Part of having thousands of performances under the belt of our magical entertainer allows him to know what sort of performance will work best for you. A variety of options are available and can be adjusted to cover a certain length of time. Most set magic shows run thirty up to sixty minutes and the roving magic usually goes by the hour but can be adjusted. Flexibility and versatility is a big component for us as our magician wants to make his magic entertainment fit your event, not the other way around.
What ages does your magician perform for? This question is asked a lot and the simple answer is: we offer family friendly magic in all of our packages. We can cater the performance to entertain a specific age or a broad age because of the real world experience gained from performing professionally for over 15 years. Basically 3 yeas and up!
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