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When it comes to parties and events, you want your guests to go home with great memories. One way to do this is by hiring a professional magical performer/conjurer like Eddy.
Not all entertainers really understand how to create those memories but this incredible magician in Boiling Springs, PA knows the exact ingredients! A few keys to creating a great and memorable experience are engagement, personality, and showmanship.
Some performers are part-time or are simply hobbyists, so many times they often lack a key ingredient or two… sometimes all. It’s really a gamble hiring someone who isn’t a pro.
Engagement simply means Eddy understand how to interact with your guests on a professional level that will entertain them and get them interested, excited, and talking. Often other guest will hear gasps, laughter, clapping as Eddy performs his magic. This creates more interest from others during the event and draws them in. What better way to get people talking then to break the ice with world class magic?
Personality is very important. Would you like watching someone who is technically talented but is mono-tone or bland? Eddy is very outgoing and this helps ease people in to watching his magic and it makes it all the more enjoyable. He is a down to earth person who has a great sense of humor and he loves people. This is the perfect mixture you want for a lively and engaging event!
Finally, we’ll talk about showmanship. This is the final key to a memorable performance. Great showmanship can build up drama, suspense, comedy and creates the mood of the performance art. Someone without this necessary skill will look and appear amateurish… it really does separate the amateur from the pro.
Don’t forget, Eddy has all 3 ingredients necessary to help make your upcoming event something that everyone will remember. Memories will be created, people will talk, friends will be made, and it will surely be magical!
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