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The one thing that can make your event great or just average is the quality of entertainment. You need something to engage your guests and get them smiling, laughing, and socializing.
Our incredible magic shows do just this. Since our shows consist of audience participation there are a lot of unbelievable things that can happen thus creating memorable moments that people will talk about after the show.. and days later!
People really do open up when they have something in common to share, since our magic shows bring people together this is a sure fire way to spark extra conversations and make your party more lively! A popular magic entertainment option we offer is close-up mingle magic which can be performed almost anywhere.
It’s world class sleight of hand and close-up magic performed for a few people at a time. It’s intimate, engaging, and the magic can also happen right in your guests hands! Others will see the magic from afar, and hear the laughs and see the smiles wondering what exciting things are taking place! This gets everyone excited and boosts the energy level of the entire event!
Aside from the close-up magic we offer set stand-up shows as well, shows were everyone will watch together. This particular show can be performed in many locations as well and we provide a sound system so all can hear. The show features lots of visual magic, comedy, participation and plenty more.
All ages will enjoy our magical shows as we cater to the family audience. We have a vast number of shows and can configure something unique for your special event!
Make sure to go to the reviews page and check out what our awesome clients are saying! Ready to have our top magician in Bethel, PA make magic at your event?
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